The Founders’ Lesson On Gun Control

What many citizens and legislators do not understand is that the federal government has no right to prevent any law-abiding citizen from owning or possessing ANY firearm.  The entire argument for gun control is built upon a false premise. The Second Amendment is not about self-defense from criminals.

As unpleasant as it may be for this modern society to say out loud, historically and constitutionally speaking, the right of the people to keep and bear arms has always been a right to protect yourself from those in power who want to enslave you. If America wants to engage in a real factual debate on the right to keep and bear arms, then it must be approached from the proper perspective.

The Constitution and its history are unequivocally clear on this.

Here is a short 2nd Amendment history lesson so we can defend our Rights from becoming government-bestowed privileges.

Everything we need to know about the 2nd Amendment was explained by our founders in the years 1787-1788.  Lesson one comes from George Mason, referred to as “Father of the Bill of Rights.”  Mason first explains the REASON we are to bear arms, and guess what; it has nothing to do with hunting and skeet shooting…or fighting attackers.

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