So, You Think Abortion, Sodomy and Redefining Marriage is Legal? Show Me the Law!

So much of what you and I choose to believe is simply not true.  Do you really want to be set free?  Then stop believing lies!  We have all been programmed with cleverly crafted lies and propaganda.  It has often been stated that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

The “Supreme” Court does not make laws, it simply offers opinions on whether or not a “law” meets Constitutional muster.  If the law violates the Constitution, then the law is remanded back to the Legislative branch so that the law can be re-written to fall in line with the Constitution.  This is how our government is supposed to create laws.

Bear in mind that offering an “opinion” does not change the law.  They just tell us that it does and we believe their lies.  We then repeat their lies and teach them to others.  The lies soon become “truth”, although it is not The Truth.  I’ll say it again.  Courts do not make laws.

Abortion is not legal anywhere in America.  That’s right, there is no Federal Law on the books regarding abortion.  None! There is a “Supreme” Court opinion called Roe V Wade, but that is merely an opinion…not a law! They just tell us that it is and we believe them, follow the lie, and teach it to others.

Access to abortions of “convenience” is illegal in all 50 states.  A “Supreme” Court decision cannot and does not change the law.  They just tell us that it does, and we, like gullible subjects, believe them.

Planned Parenthood has been violating the law in all 50 states and should be closed, and all of the directors and abortionists should go to prison as accessories to murder.  That is the law of the land, and that is the Truth.

The same Truth also applies to homo “marriage.”  Before the recent “opinion” of the “Supreme” Court, marriage was strictly between a man and a woman in 39 states.  Eleven states had legalized sodomite “marriage” through the legislative process, 3 by direct election of the people, and 8 by action of State Legislatures. Today, sodomite “marriage” is still illegal in all 39 of the states where the law is still on the books. The “Supreme” Court cannot change the law, but can only offer opinions about it.

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