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SALEM CIVIC CENTER ALTERNATIVE TOPIC: Civic Center Remediation and Remodel REGARDING: Benefits of Alternate Vision PROVIDED BY: Salem Community Vision OUTLINE BY: Gene Pfeifer The following outline presents the primary repairs, improvements and remodeling that are beneficial to the area Community; the City of Salem as a public body; the Salem taxpayers; Staff; and Consumers. […]


How does Eugene Field School look, feel and function after the completion of a locally proposed 50/50 Solution for Eugene Field School and SFSD Rural Schools? As a Silverton family drives up, they are greeted by a “new” building. The ugly PVC that was draped over the Water Street entry is gone; the original brisk […]

The “Constitution Free Zone” is Unconstitutional!

PEOPLE! Learn our Constitution. It is not difficult. You don’t need degrees to understand it. All you need to do is read it and our Declaration of Independence so many times that you come to know them almost by heart. These are short documents and a heck of a lot more worth your time than […]

Mark Levin Refuted – Keep the Feds in Check with Nullification, Not Amendments

Levin starts his book by saying how bad things are and how the federal government has trampled and mangled the Constitution. Levin starts his book by saying how bad things are and how the federal government has trampled and mangled the Constitution. Those pages are true. And they serve the purpose of making readers believe […]

Compare the Leviathan Obamacare to the Fair Tax and What Do You Get?

Both Obamacare and the Fair Tax require a new IRS scheme of collections.  Both require a new technological solution of reporting your activities to the Federal government.  Both are expensive, comprehensive, unwieldy, and use an untrustworthy government bureaucracy to implement all of the processes. Both Obamacare and the Fair Tax require a new IRS scheme […]

‘Voting The Bums Out’ A Failed Strategy

There is absolutely nothing from the Founding Fathers — and I mean nothing — in which they said your No. 1 course of action in response to massive, repeated Constitutional violations should be to “vote the bums out.” They never said that. Nowhere. Ever. For some reason, though, opponents of endless Federal power seem to […]

Josephine County Residents Explain Public Safety No Vote

  Josephine County Residents Explain Public Safety No Vote Person on the street interviews reveal the truth! • Citizens don’t trust county government to spend wisely • Tired of voting on property tax increases (6th time in 10 yrs) • Reject Salem’s Josephine County only income tax increase   Click Here to Watch TV Report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0STDBOpvPA Josephine County […]

National Popular Vote

Our Framers never intended for the President to be elected by popular vote. While they recognize in Our Declaration of Independence (2nd para) that The People are the source of political authority, 6 they knew that all history demonstrates that The People lack the knowledge, wisdom and judgment to make wise choices when voting for […]

I’ve Crossed The Rubicon, Will You?

It is no longer acceptable to sit and remain silent, nor accept excuses about lies. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “politicians just lie, that’s what they do”. When did we as a people accept that it is ok to be lied to? To be used? To be attacked, by those […]

Are You Proud To Be An American?

First, let’s clarify. I’m proud of our heritage and true Americans. The satanic slime bag elitists and politicians that have destroyed this country are not what make a true American. A true American is all sizes, colors, and shapes, many religions, generous to a fault, open arms for those less fortunate, a melting pot of […]

Agenda 21: John Kerry & Nancy Pelosi & 21 Years Ago

If you gain nothing else from this information, please realize that both parties are responsible for directing our nation’s laws and regulations to comply with the United Nations’ Agenda 21 Doctrine. No treaty was signed.  The American people were not told.  The media did not announce any of this.  To this day, the media, for […]

Stand Up Now or Be Strapped Down Later

Written by Bradlee Dean April 18,2013   Vladimir Lenin, first Leader of the Soviet Union, said, “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.” Sound familiar? We see it in trickles now, but left unchecked by the silent majority who […]

The President’s Enumerated Powers – Rulemaking by Executive Agencies & Executive Orders

Click on the link below and read this excellent article on the limited scope of authority the POTUS has.  Bookmark it and refer to it when you write to your Senators or Representatives. What are the Enumerated Powers of the President? What is the “executive Power”? Article I, Sec. 1 & The Unconstitutional Administrative Law […]

Congress’ Enumerated Powers

Continue educating yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. 1. With the U.S. Constitution, We The People created the federal government. It is our “creature”, and has no powers other than those We delegated to it in Our Constitution. If you, dear Reader, will study this paper and read the […]

Warning: Politicians – We Will Not Allow You To Disarm Us

It is time to speak plainly for the good citizens and patriots of this nation who believe unbendingly in the Constitution of the United States of America. We will not disarm. The right to self-protection, the internal directive of every living creature, be it mouse or man, is the most fundamental right of all. It […]


“Precedent” The key word in OPPOSING a Con Con By Tom DeWeese: The call for a new Constitutional Convention (Con Con), particularly from Conservative circles, is starting to grow at an alarming rate. Several Conservative organizations, particularly the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Goldwater Institute (among others) are telling Conservative state legislators that […]

If They Come For Your Guns, Do You Have A Responsibility To Fight?

About a month ago the author of this article let the “democracy” word slip, in a discussion with a fellow blogger. He knew better.  Americans have been conditioned to use this term.  It’s not an accurate term and it never has been a correct term to describe our form of government. The truth is that […]

America is Digging Her Own Grave

I’d never dug a grave before. It’s exhausting work. My arms are tired. My back is sore. And when I was finished, it didn’t give me a great sense of accomplishment. The fully dug grave just left me feeling – sad. Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting with Glenn Beck in a private room at a […]

Green Jobs & Regulation

GREEN JOBS & REGULATION We’ve heard all the news about Solyndra, and we shake our head in disgust. How can we stop such wastefulness? Half a billion dollars down the drain, and the little people cannot do anything about it. The people of the US can’t even get our representatives to deal with it because […]

The United Nations

The United Nations UNITED NATIONS -The limousines clog traffic. The checkpoints squash any hope of getting to work any time soon, and the police overtime to keep all these diplomats safe is threatening to bankrupt the city budget. Dictators and bureaucrats clog the airways with their bloviating and insults. And we play host to this […]